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A lifelong love of sewing.

...and sew on was born from a love of sewing that goes back to childhood.  My gift began when I made my first project, a pair of green pajama pants, when I was 8 yrs old.  I haven't been able to put down the needle and thread since!

Working in several sewing shops gave me the idea to open my own sewing business, one that works for you. I love searching for bargains, and I found that there was a lot of great fabric that got 'left behind' to make way for the new lines coming in. This fabric was high quality, but manufactures and stores were wanting to move it off their shelves. I realized that I could buy this fabric at reduced prices, and I wanted to share the fun with others! That's why we are able to offer quality fabrics at affordable prices. We strive to be the shop where you can learn the art of sewing...and afford it! 

A love for sewing, quilting, quality, and affordability makes its way to Salt Lake City with ...and sew on.  

Carolyn Bradshaw